Hammersmith and Fulham launched Artemis as a pilot in October 2009 and its success has ensured the rollout of the programme in 2010. The Artemis pilot is an extremely helpful process for establishing how an e-learning programme will work within a local setting and it allowed our Authority to make an informed decision about whether to introduce e-learning as an integral component of common induction.
Throughout the pilot process and rollout our experience of Artemis has been excellent with a consistently high level of support provided, and a commitment to making local arrangements a success.
Artemis is the second part of the two stage Induction Programme in the Borough. The first part is an intensive full day of training covering the key aspects of the CWDC Common Core of skills and knowledge along with providing a local context to services for children. The Induction is targeted at staff from the council and its partners in the private, voluntary and independent sectors. The diversity of workforce taking the induction is considered one of its key strengths and we strongly endorse the 'One Workforce' principle.
We introduce Artemis on the first day of training and provide logging on guidance and information on the programme. We also encourage participants to attend a voluntary supported e-learning session where trainers are on hand. We then provide gentle encouragement for learners to complete the programme within a six week window.
So far, all users of Artemis have found it helped reinforce the CWDC Standards and provided thought provoking exercises which were appropriate to the content of the induction. Users have unanimously felt they would recommend the programme to people with a similar level of experience.

Julie Shaw and Matthew Payne, Common Induction Programme Co-coordinators
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham