At Active Mind Solutions Ltd we specialise in providing companies with a full business solution. We do not just provide software or web applications, but can also provide advice on the network infrastructure where the application will sit.

With many years experience in various business environments, our development and installation teams are able to give real-world examples and advice as to how to get the most out of your existing systems, as well as how to best integrate any new systems we provide.

Our ethos is to provide our clients with solutions that not only work, but that are easy to use by all members of an organisation. Permission based infrastrucutres mean that only authorised people can access relevant data, whilst providing administrators with full access and a complete overview of the system itself.

We often work closely with our clients' IT departments to ensure that delivered solutions are perfectly integrated into existing systems with the minimum of disruption.

All of our solutions are designed to improve your business practices without putting an unnecessary strain on budgets, time or staffing and training issues.

For more information, or if you want a quick one-to-one chat about how our solutions could help improve your business, please get in touch

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