Here at Active Mind Solutions we take pride in our e-learning approach. We bring life and interactivity to our learning to ensure the learners are engaged and have a meaningful and memorable experience.

We deploy various techniques to achieve this either by using active learning which is e-learning that requires the learner to play an active role in their learning experience. Games are also a very successful approach and not to be dismissed as a learning platform as it is a very powerful learning technique. Think of all the hours people play on games because their curiosity is being met and all the time the learner is building up more and more knowledge. What we do is apply this to real learning environments.

Whichever approach is chosen by our clients are focus will be on the learner centric approach as opposed to content centric.

Content centric is similar to a PowerPoint presentation where content is displayed page by page on various screens with a question set at the end.

Learner centric is about the objective of the learning , what challenges will the learners face within the work place. Creating as many real life situation which directly relates to the learners will capture interest and provide an environment to practice steps and to get things wrong with intrinsic feedback.

E-learning is becoming more and more required to help train our workforce to meet training demands more effectively and to avoid trying to meet tight time tables and managing shift patterns, sick leave and the list goes on. It is also true to say it saves money reducing the time learners need to train as well as the on-cost we are all very much aware of.

Word of caution: as e-learning is initially a high investment just like building your own home. If you get it wrong it will still cost and living in it will be an experience we would not recommend! Get it right and you will have an investment that will serve you for many years and with the award winning authoring tool Smartbuilder we use to develop the e-learning will give you the flexibility to update and keep your content relevant and up to date..

Once you have decided on investing in e-learning your next question will be how do I track the learning and make it available to your learners?
We have an excellent learning platform that can offer everything you need and more please take a look at the LMS page for more information.

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