Features for General Users

1.Multiple look and feel interface options available for departments that have a different 'brand'.
2.Catalog browsing & online enrollment.
3.Online learning history can be accessed by learners and their Managers.
4.Targeted news articles delivered to learning modules.
5.Online personal training plan review.
6.User-defined time zones for organisations operating across time zones.
7.Messaging can be included, or users can use their own e-mail address to receive notifications.
8.Upload, share & manage files for course reference material or homework.
9.i-Calendar support allows session details to be added to calendar applications (e.g. Outlook) with one click.
10.End users can print certificates for certifications achieved.
11.Personal and Course Calendars.
12.Certification programs where notifications can be generated if a certification is configured to reach an 'expiry' date.
13.Tests and advanced test navigation options.
Features for Managers & Trainers

1.Reports can be scheduled to be delivered to your inbox (whatever your role).
2.Review & update learning histories & training plans online.
3.Compose bulletins & send them to individuals & groups via home page.
4.Run standard reports as well as build custom reports (Report Wizard).
5.Create tests, surveys & evaluations, print (PDF) exams.
6.Create skills assessment & certifications programs.
7.Schedule reports for future execution, possibly recurring and deliver reports automatically via email.
Features for Administrators

1.Create and define customised user roles.
2.Highly configurable (to suit each learning environment).
3.Easily upload and auto-assign/automatic enrollment of courses to individuals/groups.
4.Cost accounting to keep track of individual and organisation wide spend on training.
5.Automatic user-loading options.
6.Any module can be automatically marked "completed" when an online assessment is passed--easing administration of classroom-based courses.
7.Enrollment Policy Editor to customize multi-step enrollment procedures where Manager approval is required to access training.
8.Email Template Editor for creating & managing system generated messages.
General & System Features

1.Comprehensive, configurable auditing.
2.Supports multilingual learning environments.
3.Data archiving functions.
4.Course Handling
5.Support for latest IMS Content Packaging standards and IEEE Learning Object Metadata allows an even greater range of courseware (and associated catalogue info) to be imported.
6.SCORM/AICC "interactions" can be captured and reported on, allowing reports on individual question responses within a course.
7.SCORM 1.2 Certified and AICC compliant.
8.All learning types supported, both online and classroom based.
9.Knowledge Centers to hold course related resources and information.
10.Create SCORM courses from existing content (Courseware Manager).
11.Curriculum path & learning program support.